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Garden Shed Accessories

IMPORTANT: Please note we do not offer guttering with Durabuilt anymore,
and only have a couple of shelf options for Absco sheds

Garden Shed Accessories Transcript:

Did you know you that you can make your Shed even better with just a few extra fittings and accessories? Like

  • Shelving which can provide a bigger and more organised storage space
  • Sky lights and windows provide energy efficient lighting for inside your shed
  • Gutters help with rainy days and decreases chances of leakage.
  • Hooks and tool holders can keep equipment in place so you know where it is next time you need it.

Our Sheds offer a range of different accessories depending on the brand. Here is a quick look at what is available to you to improve your storage

With Absco Sheds you can purchase

  • Different shelving units
  • Wooden flooring kit
  • Anchor kits
  • Skylights
  • Sliding windows
  • Shed Blankets

With Duralbilt Easy Sheds you have the following items to choose from

  • Tool holders
  • Flooring kits
  • Double doors 
  • Sliding door
  • T-shape handle with 2 keys
  • 3 tier shelves, 
  • Anchor kits and Anchor pegs.

You can upgrade your shed height to 1.98m and 2.1m, Louvre window, Skylight sheets and Shed ramps

In Spanbilt sheds you can choose to install

  • Flat shelves and/or Corner shelves 
  • 3 tier shelving
  • Tool hanging racks and Hook set, 
  • Skylight or Perspex sliding windows

When choosing your shed don't forget to look at your options and add the little things that could make your shed not only good but Great!

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