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Purchasing Quality Garages in Melbourne

High-Quality Australian Made Garages in Melbourne with up to 30 Years Warranty!

Every home needs a Garage... Why?

  • It provides a safe and secure place for you to park your car/s at night

  • It gives you space to store your possessions or

  • A place for you to set up a small workshop to pursue your hobbies

Whatever the need, garages are a great addition to any home.

And Cheap Sheds are the leading supplier of High-Quality Australian Made garages.

Want to know what High Quality looks like?

Check out this behind the scenes video from one of our manufacturers


Choosing a Garage

Now you can get all big brand garages in Adelaide at affordable prices. The single, double and triple door garages are available in many shapes, sizes and colours.

Size: You need to first consider what you need to store before you choose a size and design.

Openings: Also keep in mind how to manoeuvre what you want to store in and out, what door openings will be most suitable?

Colour or Zinc: If you want your garage to match your home or surroundings luckily there are many options available. You can also choose to opt for the standard zinc if you are on a budget or not interested in a coloured garage.

Melbourne Weather

Melbourne experiences quite a range of weather conditions. It’s not uncommon to experience large storms, heat waves and also freezing temperatures.


Having a garage in these conditions means it needs to be tough, to not buckle under the harsh sun nor have the paint fade. Luckily for you, garages available at Cheap Sheds are made in Australia using the highest quality materials.

Not only this but if you choose a coloured garage, you can rest easy knowing the paint won’t fade in the harsh Australian sun.

Finally due to storms and unpredictable winds you need to make sure your garage is securely anchored to the foundation. You may even want to look at your options regarding cyclone kits but it may not be required.

So when selecting your garage online here, be sure you add anchor kits.

Delivery Melbourne

Cheap Sheds can arrange for your garage to be shipped directly from the factories to your door at a competitive price or we have a depot delivery option which is cheaper if you are on a budget.

The garage will arrive in a ‘flat pack’ and assembly is a stress-free experience thanks to the step by step instructions and support videos online.

Depot delivery is the cheap delivery option and is a great way to save even more money. We arrange for your garage to be shipped from the factory to a transport depot in Melbourne and you can pick it up from there.

Package sizes are displayed in the item description so that you can decide if you can take the particular garage home or not.

There are no garages stored at the depot; everything is shipped after an order has been placed.

Have You Got Approval?

We know you’re keen to buy your garage but you need to check with your local council regarding permits or approvals.

Adding a structure to your home generally requires approval or a permit so check first to avoid fines and stress later.



Depot Locations

1657 Centre Rd, Clayton VIC 3168


107 Gateway Blvd Epping VIC 3076



From Our Customers

Checkout what some of our happy customers have to say about the garages they purchased from Cheap Sheds.

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Rodney Prouse and his Motorbike Workshop

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