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How to Choose a Garage

Have you bought a new home and need a bigger or new garage? Have you outgrown your current garage and need to add additional space for the cars and equipment on your property? Whatever the reason for searching for a garage...if you are like me, then the most important reason you need a garage is to protect your high value investments such as your car.

You can wash, polish and service your car monthly but that won’t protect your car from the harsh weather our country is renowned for right?  No polish will protect your car from hail, salt damage, flying branches and dust storms!

What You Need is a Tough Aussie Garage


A place for you to keep your pride and joy out of harm’s way. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Cheap Sheds! 

Our range of Garages is manufactured right here in Australia by three of the most reputable and high quality companies in Australia...

Cheap Sheds

But high quality doesn’t mean high price... Click on the links below to check out the range of garages







They’re big enough for most households. If you’re a large family and you need more space you can always add another garage or attach a carport to the end of the garage. 

Simple measure the length and width of your vehicle/s so you know what size garage you should buy. You can also choose from coloured or zinc garages, but just check the local council guidelines first as some areas don’t allow ‘Zinc’ sheds due to light reflections affecting aircraft. 

Alternatively if you’ve ever wanted your own workshop and have two cars, buy a ‘3 Car’ Garage and use the 3rd bay as a workshop area. Build yourself a workbench or maybe even put a pool table in there so you can have your mates over on the weekend. 

We’ve also had customers purchase and build shelves in the garage and use the additional space for storage. You’ll never run out of ways to use your garage. 

Investment Protection


These are large buildings and a large investment so to make sure you have peace of mind they all come with warranties:

Cheap Sheds 15 year warranty

They are all Australian made and can be shipped direct to your home in all major cities and regional centres of Australia.

How to Choose a Garage that’s
Right for You?


Choosing the right garage has never been easier...

In the Cheap Sheds range we have,




    • #1. Where will you put the garage?
      You can either position the garage up against the home or place it far away. Whatever you decide just make sure you know where it’s going and know the measurements before you buy the garage. Doing this you’ll be able to know how much space you’ve got otherwise you may have a garage that doesn’t fit where you wanted it to go.
    • #2. Decide how many doors you will need
      If you have 1 vehicle then you might only need a single vehicle garage. But if you want to store items in your garage or have some additional space to work, it may be ideal to have a double or triple garage instead.
    • #3. Barn Doors, Tilt Door or Roller Door
      As the garages have different types of doors you will need to determine which one is right for you. For example if you have a high vehicle or something that is quite tall, you may find a roller door is more suitable as it takes up less ceiling space.
    • #4. Painted or Zinc (Silver)
      Depending on your taste, you may want a coloured shed to suit the style and layout of your home. The last thing you want is a bright silver garage that takes the focus off your designer home. You can choose from multiple colours when ordering your garage and have a nice coloured garage that complements your home.

Delivery: Depot Delivery or Home Delivery


We have two delivery options here at Cheap Sheds for our garages. You can choose between Depot Delivery, which is cheap, or you can opt for Home Delivery which has a fee depending on your location.

Home delivery is more convenient as the packages are large (as you would expect). But if you have the means to transport your garage home from the depot it is certainly a great option and saves you a lot of money!

Here are more details:

Free depot delivery service is available to a range of local depots around the country as well. You can read about our shipping arrangements and details here

Click on your local area link below to find out about,

  • Your local council regulations and info such as wind ratings, approvals process etc
  • Delivery options and local depots
  • Plus other handy information


Custom Garages


We carry a huge range of standard size garages on our catalogue but if you require a size that is not standard, you can send us a message with your requirements. 

However... keep in mind custom designs are not cheap or timely. We do have a team whom can help with the engineering and quote but realistically custom solutions can cost double the prices of pre-designed kits.

Speak to us on chat or email admin

How Garages Are Made

If you’ve ever wondered what happens in the ‘shed making process', check out this video below where I had a chat with Kevin from Spanbilt about their factory processes. It’s very cool…


From Our Customers


Checkout what some of our happy customers have to say about the garages they purchased from Cheap Sheds.

Dan from Mackay shows us around his garage

Gerard Wylie Assembly Photos

John Wallace needed a Garage to protect his classic cars from the damaging sea air.

Rodney Prouse and his Motorbike Workshop

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