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Purchasing a Garage in Perth

High Quality Aussie Made Garages Now Available in Perth

Being the most remote city on the planet can make you feel isolated... cut off from everyone else. But fear not, Cheap Sheds has not forgotten about you!

We supply the largest range of high quality Aussie made sheds to anywhere in Australia. If you’ve ever wondered what high quality looks like, check out this ‘sneak peak’ video from our manufacturer.



Choosing a Garage in Perth

You too can have a garage in your home. Our ranges of affordable and high quality products include single, double and triple door garages.

They are available in various designs and colours so you can pick and choose which one suits your lifstyle best.

single garagedouble garagetriple garage

And because we ship direct from the manufacturer to your door, our prices are very competitive!


Perth Weather 

Having a shed in Australia means it needs to be tough, to not buckle under the harsh sun nor have the paint fade. Luckily for you, sheds available at Cheap Sheds are made in Australia using the highest quality metals. 

Not only this but if you choose a coloured shed, you can rest easy knowing the paint won’t fade in the harsh Australian sun. 

Perth is considered to have more of a Mediterranean style climate with relatively cool and wet winters combined with hot and dry summers. Taking this into account you’ll probably find that a lower wind rated shed is suitable for your location (although it is advisable to check with your local council to get weather information). 

Ideally you should look at insulating your shed to ensure its pleasant enough inside all year round. 

So you know the size and type shed you need, but before you click the ‘buy’ button you need to check with the council.


Getting your hands on a garage has never been easier. You have 2 options:

     1)  Home delivered for a fee (will be quoted when ordering)

     2)  Depot delivery which is the cheaper option 

The depot delivery is the cheaper option with a flat rate charged for delivery. This option can save costs on your new garage.

However, keep in mind garages are large buildings and getting it from the Depot to home will require a certain vehicle and assistance. So I would highly recommend you look at the Home Delivery option with these buildings.

For the depot collection location, you can check them out on the map below.

Assembly is a fun and stress-free experience thanks to our easy to follow step by step instructions.

What Does the Council Say?

Your local council will advise as to whether you need a permit or prior building approval for your new garage. When adding a structure to your land or extending the home, it’s not uncommon to find approval is needed.

So to avoid fines and stress down the track, check with your local council first.


Below you will find the map location of the delivery depot.

1179 Abernethy Road Hazelmere, WA 6055



What Customers Say

Checkout some photos from our customers who purchased garages from us

Dan from Mackay QLD

Gerard Wylie

John Wallace

Rodney Prouse

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