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Can You Identify Parts of a Gable Roof?

We have many customers who choose the Gable Roof option for their sheds and we can see why! It provides alot of benefits such as more height for moving around as well as extra storage space. It also allows the water to run off the shed during wet weather.

Now it is necissary to know all the parts of a gabel roof when assembling which I will outline below as well as how it all fits together when assembling.

In the photo you can see the key parts of the structure:

  • Ridge beam, which is the highest point;
  • Rafters
  • Eaves ( usually where the roof meets the walls and there can be a small over hang with some structures like a house but not on our sheds)

The ridge beam supports the rafters at the peak or the ridge, thus the term ridge beam. It will always be a part of a gable roof structure. By using ridge caps you are able to seal the ridge beam.

Two sloped planes of the roof meet up at the apex and this is the section called the ridge, as previously mentioned. Generally these sloped sections leave a crevice at the ridge. To keep this part sealed is the job for ridge cap or ridge capping, as others may call it.

Depending on your roofing materials, the ridge cap would be similar to it not just to keep it sealed but to match the surface of the roof. Most common ridge caps are made from aluminium, asphalt shingles, copper, metal and even plastic.

Installing the roof panels of gable steel shed is crucial to ensure that the shed is water-tight. When the ridge is not properly sealed or there are sections that provide opening for the elements there would be a tendency that the roof will leak in just a matter of time.

It’s best to have a solid ridge beam, mostly one piece while larger sheds would have 2-pieces joined by a ridge joining plate which is the best material to use to eliminate issues of leaks in the future.


Flimsy materials that are joined together at different portions make it a weak roofing component. It will not guarantee good sealing and you may end up eventually dealing with drips. For a strong weatherproof gable, Stick to solid substances… those that can bear the brunt of varied climates.



Just a recap of what to remember:

1. Ensure you have all 4 parts for your Gable roof- Ridge beam, the rafters, eaves and ridge cap

2. Your Ridge cap seals the meeting point of the sloping roof sections and keeps it water-tight

3. Installing the correct roof panels to ensure the shed is leak proof- so don’t forget them

4. Stick to solid materials for Gable roofs… avoid using cheap inferior quality material, as you may suffer leakage or damage



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