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Below you’ll find a short video where I interview Miles from Durabuilt the Maker of EasySheds. They are one of our main suppliers of high-quality quality Aussie-made sheds. A transcript of this video is below too. Enjoy!

Video Transcription

K: Hi there this is Krisztian here from and I’m here at the Durabuilt factory in Albury, New South Wales. Durabuilt has been a supplier of for years and I’ve got Miles here with me from Durabuilt. 

So Miles, could you be able to tell our Cheap Sheds customers why they should consider buying a Durabuilt shed? 

M: Ah well, first of all, I’d love to say I really enjoy packing Cheap Sheds orders. 

K: Awesome. 

M: They are Australian-made, made in this factory every single day. They have a 20-year warranty, thicker steel which leads to a lot better quality. 

K: One of the major reasons that our customers love Durabuilt product is the colour options so Miles, just look around here there are a lot different colours, aren’t they? 

M: Yeah there is. There’s actually twenty-five (25) different colour options but one thing that I really love about the Durabuilt product is you can mix and match so there would probably be about 625 different colours you can have for your shed so you can match the shed to any building around. 

You can have a different coloured wall to the roof, just basically anything, you know. 

K: Besides the wide range of colours, the other great benefit for Durabuilt products is the huge list of available accessories. First of all, all garden sheds are available at three height points. The standard 1.8m wall height can be upgraded to 1.98m, as well as 2.1m. And all garden sheds can be upgraded from standard hinged doors to sliding doors. And besides, there are still a lot of other accessories Miles, right? 

M: Absolutely like this tee-handle latch which is a little more high tech. It’s better security and you have a locking key on there and it just looks better. We also have a shed ramp here which allows you to push things into the shed without damaging the door structure. We have a skylight which comes in a few different sizes, as well, and it allows more light into the room which is definitely a huge benefit. We have our 5-latch window over here which comes in a variety of different colours and allows excellent ventilation. 

K: It’s also lockable. 

M: Yeah, lockable. 

K: Pretty cool. 

All right Miles, thanks very much for showing us around, I really appreciate that and helping me pointing out the major benefits of Durabuilt products and I’m pretty sure would help a lot of our customers to make up their minds and make their decision. 

M: No worries Krisztian, we appreciate your time and look forward to satisfying more of Cheap Sheds customers. 

K: Awesome. Thank you.

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