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Easy Steps to Install Your Shed's Door

As promised, here’s the short video on installing the shed’s door.

The video runs for only 2 minutes, but it gives you step-by-step instructions… and everything you need to know to install your shed’s door.


Now to the door assembly and connection: For the purpose of this demonstration, we will attach the doors to the panel with pop rivets.

Nuts and bolts which are also supplied, may be used in lieu of pop rivets.

Follow your printed instructions if you choose this option.

Once completed, fix the diagonal door braces to the door panel.

Finally, attach the bolt hasps to the top and bottom of the jam door.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. And there’s only one last video to go.

The last video will show you how to put all the pieces together, and have your shed properly erected. 

The Final Steps to Assembling the Shed

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