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Duramax Garden Sheds and Garage Product Video

 NOTE: Floor Kits discontinued. Sheds with Moulded Floor included still avaliable.

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Duramax Garden Sheds and Garage Product Video Transcript

The following video explores the key features of the popular Duramax Vinyl sheds.

Duramax sheds are imported from the USA, because their vinyl products are by far more superior than others found in the market.

They are made from durable all-weather vinyl, which is lightweight and maintenance free.

They cater to anyone who needs an easy to assemble, easy to relocate and no hassle storage solution.

There are 11 products in the range which vary in size and style, so we able to cater better to your needs.

We have small cabinets, medium to large garden sheds. They come in a modern neutral ivory colour and some are finished off with brown- wood like doors and finishing.

Most sheds in this range come with the attractive Gable roof except for the unique SideMate whose skillions roof is built for a purpose.

So What’s so great about Duramax? Well …

  • Most of the sheds (not all) either come with moulded floors or your are given the option to include one in your shed kit (Those sheds that don’t have flooring options can be solved with a concrete slab or alternative flooring.)
  • They are very easy to put together and the assembly process can be done in less than 2 and a half hours with a little help

  • For extra strength and durability, the wall columns are reinforced inside by a solid metal structure and it can be also used to hang gardening tools and shelves to keep your shed very well organised.

  • They don’t require any maintenance and they won't rust, fade, dent, rot or mildew plus they are fire retardant. All of the models except the SideMate come with a bonus skylight sheet or window to let in natural light. This helps brighten the inside and working or searching in the shed easier.


All units come with wide door(s) for easy access and door handles are included in the kit!

Lastly, despite the fact the sheds are made from durable vinyl they come with 15 years written warranty, which gives you peace of mind.

These sheds not just solve your storage problems but their attractive design will provide a great addition to any backyard environment. 

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