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EasySheds Product Range Transcript

Hi there, in this video you will get a great overview of the EasyShed range by Durabuilt.

The Durabuilt EasyShed range of garden sheds is high quality Australian made products. They are hugely popular and can be found in many backyards around the country.

The steel is made from top grade Aussie steel, and has been tried and tested against all elements to ensure it will last a lifetime in any backyard.

What makes this product range so unique and is probably the driver behind the popularity is that it can be customised. Whether it’s extra wall height, different roof types, certain colours or perhaps added windows and accessories, it has it all.

The range starts as small as 1.5m x 0.75m and goes up to the massive size of 7.5m x 3.75m.

On the top of that, the range's flexibility also includes optional sliding door upgrade on any models that have standard hinged door(s). This is fantastic if you have limited room for opening a door.

Another major feature of the range is the unmatched colour options. Models are available in Zinc and 20+ different colour steel. It gives you the flexibility to match your existing colour scheme at home to your shed.

You can choose a shed with a sloping roof, flat roof or even a gable roof- the choice will come down to where you wish to place your shed and what will work best.

The heights of the walls also vary, the standard wall height is 1.8m but it can be increased to 2.1m on any of the models.

The EasySheds are delivered flat packed to make transport easier. You will be supplied with everything you need to assemble your shed including self-tapping screws for the sheets that aren’t pre-punched. The shed assembles in just five easy steps and instructions will be supplied with your kit.

Last but not least all EasySheds come with 20-year warranty to ensure your investment will last for decades to come. 

So if you are looking for that ‘special’ shed to add to your property you will certainly be able to customise an EasyShed to meet your needs.

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