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EasyShed Step by Step Assembly Videos

The increasingly popular EasyShed garden sheds are assembled with the unique 5 STEP Assembly process that is documented and recorded step by step below. 

For your convenience, the process is recorded for you from opening the box to finishing the entire process.

Let's get right into it and find out how to build a EasyShed!


On this video, you'll discover what tools you need to assemble your garden shed and how to prepare for the process as well as some general information about the EasyShed range of garden sheds.

Step 1 - Back Panel Assembly

The first step of the 5 step assembly process is building the back wall for your shed. This video walks you through how to do that.

Step 2 - Side Panel Assembly

Once you have your back wall assembled, it's time to get into the side panels and put those together as the next step ... here is how to do that:

Step 3 - Roof Panel Assembly

It's time to put your roof together, so this video walks you through that. If you purchased an optional Skylight Sheet, you'll also see how to install that.

Step 4 - Door Panel Assembly

It's time to assemble the doors. The video walks you through the assembly of double doors. However the process is the same for the single door models as well, just one less door to do.

Step 5 - Front Panel Assembly

Now we're ready to assemble the front panel and hang the doors. This next video shows you how to do just that.


Everything is assembled by now, so it is time to put the whole shed together. This video shows you how to do that. How to square your shed and how to align your doors.

This video also shows you how to install optional shelving kit and tool hanging racks if you purchased those accessories with your EasyShed.

Congratulations on assembling your EasyShed.

Here at Cheap Sheds we are always happy to assist, so please let us know if you have any questions.

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