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Dramatically Reduce the Risk of Theft


In 2017 Reports show that in Australia the following was reported stolen:

Many never retrieved or found, costing people thousands and thousands of dollars.

On National Motor Vehicle Theft reduction Council Report that most of the robberies take place from residence.

Not only are cars stolen, there are people stealing fuel right from your tank! Bike parts being pinched if they can't take the whole bike and motorbikes being damaged for the sake of it.

Gone are the days when you could leave your possessions unattended, and still find them the following day.

The truth is we now live in a time we can’t trust our local community nor leave our keys in the ignition of cars, leave our bikes in the driveways or bicycles even in the backyard!



Securing our high investments is a priority unless you wish to add to the statistics above.

Some residents don't have garages which is a shame and some of us don't have enough room for all our vehicles and bikes in our garage so we have to make do with other areas of the home.

Yes, you can lock your bike to a picture of the home, but a lot of thieves can get through these devices if your bicycle is valuable and worth the effort.

Resin Covers for motorbikes which you can lock to the foundation are out there too but may not be as practical as you need or easy to access.

However, there are other options if you don't have a garage or enough room in your existing one.

In relation to these stats there has been a huge push and release of products such as Bike Sheds, Garage Sheds and Garden Lockers for storing cars, motorbikes and bicycles out of site of thieves.

Steel Shed
Cedar Shed
Resin Shed

We even have had a huge demand from our customers to expand our ranges and offer good deals on these products as we are all searching for a convenient, affordable security option for our cars, motorbikes and bicycles.



So whichever you may own and you are looking for a secure storage solution you can check out the options below:

  • Steel Shed
  • Cedar Shed
  • Resin Shed

If you remove the opportunity for thieves, you have a better chance of avoiding loss of your belongings.

Other tips:

  1. Install a sensory light out the front of your home

  2. Use a strong secure padlock for your storage unit, garage, bikeshed.

  3. Consider even a small triggered alarm if the door has been hacked open


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