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Dramatically Reduce the Risk of Theft

Do This One Simple Thing and Dramatically Reduce the Risk of Theft


The last thing you want is to come home and find that you have been a victim of theft. It’s a serious problem which affects many areas of the country. Gone are the days when you could leave your possessions unattended, and still find them the following day.


Security companies have solved this problem for homes, having created security alarms. But what about outside? It’s not like you can keep your mower, tools or bikes inside the home.

What you need is a secure place to keep all these extras,a place which will protect your valuable possessions from theft and climate damage.

What you need is a shed!



But not just any shed...

You need a tough, Australian made shed that will keep thieves out but also protect your valuables from our harsh and sometimes dangerous climate.

If you remove the opportunity for thieves, they will leave you alone. And one of the best ways to not be an easy target for thieves is by having your very own shed. You can lock it with a strong padlock and if you want additional security, you can always install an alarm in the shed.

Sheds are a great addition to your home. Not only do they provide storage for all loose items and protection for your possessions, they can also add to the style and look of your home.

It’s no surprise that sheds are becoming more common in Aussie back yards.

If you don’t have a shed but have extra items you need to store, if you’re running out of room and need to tidy up the backyard...


Maybe it’s time you got yourself a shed!

Just be careful it’s a good quality Aussie-made shed that can withstand the harsh climate and will last many years.

You can rest easy knowing that all of the Cheap Sheds range is built to last.

If you want some help or further advice about getting your own shed, our customer support team are more than happy to answer your questions 24/7.

Alternatively you can download the our Backyard Dreams Come to Life Book which consistes of over 100 stories from our customers and photos of their sheds>>



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