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Does Outdoor Storage Add Value to Your Home?

carports garages garden sheds add value

Did you know that Garden Sheds, Carports and Garages can add value to your property?

Today, many people are choosing to renovate over buying a new home. The great thing about putting money into your house is when you go to sell it; you can expect to get a return in your investment (most of the time). The amount you spend on fixing your place will reflect in the property value later on… as long as you do it right. Know where to put the money.

One area which is often overlooked but is a high priority for buyers is ‘storage’. There are many ways to improve a home but adding more storage will stand out when you sell because it is on the top of many buyers’ lists.

Men often look for space to store their tools, equipment and ‘boys toys’ where as women look for cupboard and storing solutions to make home life easy. Lets not forget everyone wants a secure and safe place for his or her cars and outdoor power tools,

Three Major Storage Solutions for Your Home

garden sheds adding value to your homecarports add value to your homegarages add value to your home

Adding a new shed, garage or carport are 3 major storage features you can add to your property, which will increase the value of your home. 

The Shed

Having a sizeable garden shed is quite often high on the list of ‘must haves’ for men but you can’t rely on any shed to do the job. You will need to make sure that your is: 

  1. A good size for the area
  2. Well maintained and tidy
  3. Easily accessed
  4. Doesn’t clash with the house or its surroundings

If you don’t have a shed or want to replace the current one there are great and affordable sheds on the market. In Australia you can pick from Steel Sheds, Timber and Plastic sheds depending on the look you are after. 

The Cheap Sheds range varies from as small as 1.4m x 0.7m garden sheds to as big as 7.5m x 3.75m mega workshops. There is Steel with different colour options and even great looking Plastic and Timber sheds.

The Carport 

A carport can too play a major role in transforming your property, especially considering the harsh weather Australians tend to face. People love their cars like to know that their cars are being protected from the sun and hail. This security will be a selling point for anyone (and even more so if they have a caravan, boat or extra cars).

The Garage 

If your home does not have a garage, then this is definitely a structure you would want to consider. Garages give the ultimate protection and security to cars, equipment and tools. It also increases the storage capabilities of a property. If you have a carport instead of a garage you can even replace it with a garage to increase the appeal of your home. 

A fully usable garage is an asset to any home. They are almost a necessity in today’s society especially if you live in the suburbs. 

What Value can you expect? 

Some of these outdoor storage structures can cost between $100- $5000 depending on the size and type you wish to install. A garden shed would be the quickest and cheapest solution, whereas a garage would be more the opposite. The good news is that when investing in renovating your property, you are more than likely to make that money back when you sell. On top of that, buyers will find your home a lot more appealing as their storage needs will be met over and beyond expectations.

To find out more from the Professionals, we spoke to some Real Estate Agents and Expert Renovators. Read what they had to say here
 Storage Can Add Value to Your Home, Just Ask The Professionals!

Why You Should Invest in Storage: 

  1. Your home will be more appealing with sufficient storage solutions
  2. Sheds Garages and Carports will add value to your home.
  3. Consider how and where you will install the structure, as it must not clash with the overall design of the home. This can devalue the investment and the property. 
  4. Make sure your shed, garage or carport is in good condition and that it serves its purpose well and adds to the home not distract from it

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