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You may have some questions you still want answered before talking to one of our specialists. I don't blame you… this is big stuff and you want all the details before talking to someone.

So I have listed the most common questions people have asked and their answers.

#1 What’s the Difference Between Custom Buildings and the Pre-Designed Buildings on Your Website?

There are 2 key differences, Personalisation and cost.

As with any customised product, the costs will be more than a predesigned shed. This is because we will have a qualified Engineer work personally on your design to make sure it meets safety building standards as well as meet your specifications.

We will also custom manufacture the parts and panels for the building.

Pre-design sheds have already been engineered, safety checked and already in the manufacturing system. So there is a lot less work required. This is why they cost less. They are ready to roll out tomorrow.

As far as quality and standards, the predesigned sheds are made from the same quality steel, they are Australian Made and safety checked. So you are still getting a quality shed if its predesigned or custom made.

#2 Can Anyone Custom Design a Shed or Building?

To design a shed which is safe, meets regulations and last a lifetime, you need a qualified Structural Engineer.

The Engineer will not only make sure it suits your personal needs but also ensure it is suitable for your property.

Without a qualified engineer your building will be at risk of failure as well as not getting approved by the council.

So to make sure your investment is worthwhile, ensure you trust a qualified team. Our custom design specialists have 35 years experience and will make sure your shed meets all the building and safety regulations it needs to.

#3 Does it Matter Where I live?

No, your location is not a problem because we can design sheds to meet all terrains as well as deliver them to you.

We service all of Australia and will include delivery options and cost with the quote.

#4 Who are They Suitable for?

Custom Sheds are not just for farms and industrial companies.  We are offering the ability to design your own shed to everyone!

Whether you are a tradie, family, 4WD or outdoor enthusiast, maybe a Yogi wanting to build your own studio, you can custom design a shed.

It doesn't matter how big your project is, or what it is you need to build... we can help bring it to life.

We recommend custom designs for anyone looking for a shed above 6 meter x 4 meters. Why? Because Custom Designing your shed costs more than a pre-designed shed as we discussed. So it may be worth while visiting the large range of pre-designed products which are under  6 meter x 4 meters and see if we have something that fits yours needs. This way you won’t have to pay additional prices for a new design!

#5 What are the Benefits of Choosing Cheap Sheds to Build Your Custom Shed?

  1. Competitive prices and no BS added costs. We can guarantee a great price because we are online shed retail experts. We are based online so we don't add any overhead costs to your quote.
  2. You will speak directly to a Custom Building Expert consultant who will be able to work with you to build a plan for your custom building.
  3. Your custom building order will go directly to the engineers and manufacturer experts who have 25 years of experiences.
  4. Our Custom Sheds come with 20 year warranty! So you can be confident you are getting quality.

#6 What does it mean ‘the shed is site specific engineered?

Adding a shed, workshop or any steel building to your property is a huge investment, so you don't want to see it damaged.

In Australia we have some extreme weather conditions in different parts of the country. We see bitterly cold temps, extreme heat waves as well as storms and cyclones.

We also all live in different terrains from large properties in the plains, or forests to the suburban backyards. So you can imagine that adding a large building may need careful planning.

So what our engineers will do is take into account the level of your surface, how exposed the shed is to wind and other elements. They can do all this without even visiting your site thanks to technology!

They will engineer and design your building to meet structure requirements for your site.

This also means it is more like to be accepted by council because its ‘location specific’.

#7 How Do I Get Council Approval and Will You Assist?

Council Approval is crucial for building sheds of any kind. The bigger they are the more vital it is you take careful steps to meet the council regulations.

Each council has different requirements and a different process so it’s best to check with them directly for what needs to be done.

You can find a list of council pages here

We provide you with all the paperwork you will need for your product to submit.

Council approval can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on your area and how they operate.

In the case where you don't get approval you will not lose any money and we will refund your investment.

#8 How are Custom Sheds Made?

Right here in Australia! We have always supported Australian Steel Buildings and with our new Custom Range that has not changed.

Our suppliers prefabricate all the building structures in the factory based in Queensland.

You can rest assure your product will be

  • Made Locally
  • From High Quality Steel
  • It has an assembly system to support customisation
  • The steel cladding has been tested to prove its toughness and durability

So whether you’re after a garage, workshop, lifestyle building, farm shed, studio or whatever you have in mind, you can be confident you are getting an Aussie Made product.

#9 How Long Will it Take to Get My Custom Design Delivered?

There are 2 stages of designing and building a custom building.

Stage 1- Design & Council Approval
Stage 2- Manufacturing
Stage 3- Dispatch

The first stage of custom buildings are the longest part of the project. Designing the building can be quick if you are clear of what you want and need. Then the council approval process is really dependant on my factors out of our control.

Once council is approved, manufacturing can be fired up and we can get your building underway.

Once manufacturing is complete you will be notified and we can dispatch your building.

Over all it can take any where between a month or a few for the entire project. Each case is different so it's best to discuss the timeline for your building with the consultant and your council.

#10 What is Your Guarantee on Custom Sheds?

Much like all the other large steel buildings in our range the Custom Sheds are too backed by a 20 year structural warranty and a 10-16 years warranty on the Steel.

We understand large buildings or custom designs are big investments which is why we like to provide you with some security.

We stand by our products and services and if you follow our instructions during your custom shed journey, have it assembled professionally and keep it maintained I doubt your building will have any failures in the next 20 or more!

Please note that this is a structural warranty. Damage from machinery, cars and extreme weather won't be covered in the 20 year warranty. You can discuss this in more details with your engineer or send us your questions and we can seek advice for you.

#11 Is it Expensive to Design My Own Shed?

For the value you are investing in a Custom Shed, the cost is well worth it.

Straight up, it does cost more that the pre-designed and manufactured sheds on the market. However, adding a custom shed designed to not only suit your needs but your property will give you more value than the dollars.

Let me explain...

Sure you are not paying for a quick pre-design 3 x 3 shed. So the costs will be more. But in terms of quality and long lasting assets, you are getting a lot of value for your money.

  • A qualified engineer designs your shed to meet your requirements, your terrain, weather conditions as well as building regulations.
  • It’s Australian Made which means it's tough and made by people who know our country's weather best.
  • You're adding a long lasting asset to your property.

Compared to “cheap” short cuts such as doing it yourself, seeking unqualified people to do the job, in the long run these options will cost you more. The project may drag on for much longer than expected, the budget can blow over and worst case scenario you end up with a half done building and can't afford to finish it.

If not done properly you can also face fines.

So it's obvious why it’s not worth the risk to go ‘cheap’.

#12 What if I Have a Specific Budget?

No problem, with the amount of flexibility you have with your design you can always build a basic structure and add on to it at a later stage.

Let our specialists know your big picture and budget and they can work out what options you have.

#13 Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

Yes we do! To make the cost building your shed or building manageable we offer a 3 stage payment plan.

Stage 1
Once your design and plans have been completed and you have signed off on the job, a 10% deposit is required.

You can make changes after this stage up until manufacturing but be  aware you may be charged depending on the degree of change. It may also need to be sent to the council again.

Stage 2
Only once the council has approved the paperwork then a second deposit of 40% is required before manufacturing can begin.

Stage 3
Once your shed or building is completed and ready for dispatch from the factory the final payment is required (50%). One this has cleared we will dispatch the building and have it on its way to you!

#14 Can you assemble it yourself or do you need to hire professionals?

Generally custom buildings are large which will mean you need a team of people to put it together.  

Whether or not you choose to arrange the assembly yourself, or hire professionals will depends on a lot of factors

Here is what you need to know about your 2 options:

Build it yourself

You can choose to build the custom shed or building yourself however there are some things to be aware of.

First and foremost you will be required to own a building licence. For some people, this is no problem but for many this isn't a great option.  If you own a licence or want to apply for one online, you can then legally supervise your own team to assemble the shed or building.

So for those farmers with work hands, tradies or builders etc you may have what it requires already, so this option may be the best one for you.

Hire the professionals.

Hiring a professional building team is the hassle free option. You can leave it up to the experts who will know exactly what you need and how to do it.

By choosing this option, you can also rest assure your investment is in safe hands. Sometimes when you DIY, things can go wrong and can end up costing a lot more than you would expect.

What's more, we can provide you with a specialised team to do the job. They will be able to assess your design, property and quote you directly for the job.

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