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Why Invest in a Safe Chemical Shed Instead of a Regular Shed

Chemicals are often stored in domestic or commercial properties and if you, your family, your pets or workers are exposed to them through leaks or cross contamination they can be harmed or worse cause death.

Keeping your family and workers safe from chemical exposure and contamination is essential when you store chemicals on your property.

This is why it is important to have a proper storage solution for chemicals and it is recommended to use in a well-lit, ventilated shed which meets your area's regulations.

From domestic chemicals to storage of agricultural & veterinary chemicals, it’s a serious business and something not to ignore. There are set Australian Standards that sheds need to meet if they are used for storing certain chemicals, and you can face a very costly fine if you do not meet them.

Unfortunately, sheds normally designed for chemical storage can come at great costs, which is why some people try and avoid investing in a proper solution.

The good news….We provide an affordable, approved solution at Cheap Sheds.

The ‘Chemical Shed Upgrade Kit‘

This kit is available on selected shed ranges at Cheap Sheds.

By adding the chemical shed kit upgrade to your shed, it can significantly reduce the cost plus it is designed to be compliant with The Australian Standard—AS2507 1998 (minor storage) of Agricultural & Veterinarian Chemicals.


You can add a chemical upgrade kit to sheds specified in the following ranges:

You can find the option in the accessories and it will convert the shed into a reliable and affordable storage facility for the farm, vineyard, home or wherever minor chemical storage is required.

Not available on YardPro ECO 1510 & 2010 workshops and on the Cheap Sheds workshops.


You can shop online for your shed at and add the ‘Chemical Shed Upgrade Kit’ from the accessories section.



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