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Cheap Sheds Sliding Perspex Window Installation

YardSaver Sliding Perspex Window Installation

Transcript Introduction: 

In this video, we demonstraight how to add a sliding perspec window to a cheap sheds garden shed during assembly.


Hi and welcome to this additional video.

Im going to be taking you through the steps in adding a sliding perspex window to a Cheap Sheds garden shed. 

A sliding window is a great way to be able to add natural light and ventilation to your garden shed.

Please ensure you wear safety glasses and gloves at all times during assembly. You don’t want any nasty accidents happening while putting your window in.

Read your construction manual included with your kit and start the process by cutting two of your wall sheets down to the length indicated by your instruction manual. 

Place two wall panels exactly on the top of each other and drive in a screw halfway in a hole to ensure they don’t move.  Measure the distance beside both edges, and mark the sheet with a marker.  Place another sheet right onto your marks and draw a line all the way across the sheet. Use a pair of metal cutting shears for cutting the sheets. Then place your sheets into your wall panel and secure the bottom channel M. 

Now you are ready to assemble the window frame. 

Insert a corner angle into a long frame section and join one short frame section to the long one and place it around the sheeting.

Next add a corner angle to a short frame section and join it to the long frame section’s other end. Add the 2 perspex sheets to the frame.  You may use small pieces of tape on each side of the frame to hold it in place while you place the long frame section on the top. 

Insert the corner angles into both end of the long frame section and place it on the top.

Time to add the top M Channel. 

Last step is to remove the protective foil from the perspex sheets and you are done. 

This completes your wall with the Sliding Perspex Window installed.

Well done, have fun with the rest of the assembly your shed.

Thank you for watching this video.  

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