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Many people think we are just a store selling sheds, small buildings, metal structures or birdcages… but we are much more! We help people improve their lifestyle living, we help others create a retreat where they can follow their dreams and provide homes for some who are in need of them (and we are not just talking about pets!)

But to show you what we mean, its best our customers tell you themselves…

  1. Backyard Dreams Brought To Life

    Back Yard Dreams Book Cover

    We recently published a book that consists of the raw inspirational stories from our customers and as a gift you can get it here. Like, Tweet, or +1 Cheap Sheds to download the book for FREE.

  2. Annual Shed Contest

    Shed Contest Logo

    You can visit our Shed Contest Page to see some raw stories sent from customers

  3. Customer Reviews

    What Customer Say Banner

    Maybe watch our Customer video to see them in person and hear what they have to say

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