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Cheap Sheds Flat Shelving Kit Assembly


YardSaver Flat Shelving Kit Assembly Transcription:

In this video we’ll show you how to install a YardSaver Flat Shelving Kit.

The Flat shelving kits enable you to bring more smart storage out of your garden shed and to keep your shed nicely organised.

Start the process by cutting your box open … and take the components out.

Then add a clip nut to each corner on all 3 shelves.

Now fix a vertical support strap to both long ends of your first shelf.

Repeat the process with the other shelves, but adding only one vertical support strap to each of the other two shelves.

Okay once that’s done you are ready to join the shelves together on one side where you added the vertical support straps.

Then you can join the 3 shelves together at the back, now move onto the front and fix the diagonal support straps while you are joining the shelves together on the front. As you can see you will end up with your 3 shelves joined together and all 4 of your Vertical and Diagonal support straps fitted.

Next step is to use a nut clip and join the top end of the vertical and diagonal support straps together.

Then use a clip nut again and fix the hooks as you can see on the screen... At this point you are ready to hang the flat shelving kit in your shed.

Simply hang the shelf to the top channel. You can do this step before you add the roof panels, however if your roof panels are already on, you can still easily do it like so.

Awesome your flat shelving kit is installed and ready to use.

Well done and thank you for watching this video.

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