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We, Aussies, enjoy a wonderful climate and lifestyle, however, 'natural disaster' circumstances such as tropical cyclones, flooding and severe storms are an unavoidable part of our life. We cannot afford to be complacent about the dangers natural disasters bring. Therefore, it is important to have a cyclone reinforced shed, garage or carport if you live in an area at risk.

These buildings are very large which means they pose more danger than a Shed. In a cyclone, they can cause damage to your home or physical harm to you and your family.

During big storms, if buildings are not appropriately reinforced or anchored they can break down. Steel pieces become flying missiles in wind.

So really, this is a very serious warning and why it’s important you check out the information below to make sure you protect

  • Your investment

  • Your home

  • You, your family and surrounding people. 

Fortunately, Cheap Sheds provides sturdy sheds that are built to withstand the forces of nature. In addition, they also offer a Cyclone Kit for some of their sheds. Designed and approved for use in areas with cyclonic conditions, this cyclone kit can be purchased and installed to reinforce a shed to help reduce the risk of sustaining damage during high winds.

BEFORE shopping for a building we highly recommend you check your Wind Rating in your area. Cheap Sheds have a Wind Rating Info page to help you determine the rating in your area before purchasing a shed. It gives you a general rating for your area based on statistics, but to be 100% sure it is recommended you check with your council before putting in your order.

Below you will find Garages, Sheds and Cyclone options which come with options to reinforce them to meet cyclone standards:

Please note: the Cyclone Upgrade Kits can be found in the accessories menu on the product page.



  • Absco Carports also allow you to add the Cyclone kit (W50). Click here to view the ABSCO carports

  • Absco Garage Sheds, however, DO NOT offer Cyclonic Upgrades, so be aware of this if you are browsing that range of buildings. 




  • YardPro Carports, despite being less robust than a garage or shed, they too need reinforcement. They come with C2 Cyclonic Upgrade kits as well. The price depends on the model and can be added as an accessory>>
     Click here to view their range of carports

  • Spanbilt Garden Sheds are standard and can be upgraded to include the C2 Cyclone kits. They have a fixed price for all sizes (small/medium/large/extra large) >> Click here to browse the Garden Shed Range

 cheap sheds garages


  • Cheap Sheds Single, Double or Triple Garages can customise them to include cyclone kits which will make them suitable for high wind areas in Region A and Region B in Australia. >> View Garage Range

  • Cheap Sheds Garden sheds can also be fitted with a Cyclone kit which will make them meet standards for W50 wind ratings >> View Garden Shed Range

Please note that although suppliers provide options to upgrade and fit your building with a cyclone kit these products are still not recommended for Tropical or Severe Cyclone regions. The kits, however, are subtle for high wind exposure and storm exposed areas which is considered more than regular.

At the end of the day, if you live in exposed areas to elements such as high wind and heavy rain, a cyclone kit will give you peace of mind that your storage shed protects assets.

Again don’t forget to check the wind rating in your area before purchasing a building.

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