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Protect Your Car with an Affordable and High-Quality Carport Kit from Cheap Sheds

It’s another hot summer’s day in Perth. Your car is parked outside, exposed to the harsh rays. What damage is it causing to the paint? How hot is it going to be when you have to get in the car and go to the shops?

You can avoid the pain of finding out with a Carport!

Carports are a great addition to any ones home providing your car as well as your protection from bad weather. Many have not been able to afford the luxury of these great buildings because of the cost... but not anymore!

Over recent years Carport Kits have become very popular and affordable to the everyday Aussie. These are great solutions for those who are on a budget and happy to do a bit of DIY or hire help.

Carport kits from Cheap Sheds are locally manufactured and come with easy to follow instructions created by the engineers to make sure the job can be done without hassle.

Check out this video which shows you where and how the carports are made



Choosing a Carport

Our range of Carport Kits are made using the highest quality steel. They are made right here in Australia so you know they’ll be able to handle the sometimes-wild climate and extreme heat we have in Perth.

You can select from Single or Double carports depending on your needs. You also can choose from Colour Steel or Standard Zinc options and from different roof types as you can see below: 

For all options online you can check the range out by clicking on the button below:

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Perth Council Check

These products are made from high quality, industry approved steel and come with 20-30 years warranty!

Before buying your carport kit here on our site, check with your local council as to the rules.

Many types of local councils require you to seek approval or gain a permit when adding a structure to your home. So click here for your local council and very soon you’ll have your own Carport Kit.


Delivery in Perth

So protect your car with an affordable and high-quality carport from Cheap Sheds. Anyone can have a carport kit because they are supplied in ‘kit form’, flat packed.

Delivered directly to your door or alternatively, you can collect it from the depot in Perth.

You have two options for delivery:

     1)  Home delivery for a small fee

     2)  Depot delivery is the cheaper option

Check out the map below for the location of the Perth depot where you can collect your building from. Your carport kit is ‘made to order’ and sent to the depot within a couple of days of your order being placed. No stock is stored at the depot.

1179 Abernethy Road Hazelmere, WA 6055


Pictures and Messages from Customers




Lois G

Barry Loveland

Thank u for your fantastic after sales service. Carport arrived in quick time. Hope I can get it erected as fast. Better wait till after Santa has been!

Samantha Taylor

I have received my carport and delivery was easy and not stressful at all.  We have only started to put it together last weekend and the only thing left to do is the roof (weather hasn't been too kind on the weekends).  Hopefully the roof will go on this weekend.  It has been good watching it go together and I am very pleased with it so far.

I have stressed for some time about the weather and the fact I have a new car and (until recently) no carport.  I searched everywhere for something that would suit my purpose and not cost me a fortune.  Your carports are great and at an excellent cost.  I have been letting everyone know where I purchased it from as they are amazed that it was so cheap seeing it came from Queensland to Melbourne then delivered to my door for nearly half the price of something here.

Your company's support throughout the process has been excellent also.


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