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About Cheap Sheds Carport Kits


For an affordable and safe way to protect your vehicle from the harsh elements, look no further than a carport kit from Cheap Sheds.

It’s quite common these days to have more cars at home than your garage can store. So how do you provide protection for your vehicles? How do you make sure the carport you buy is great quality and will outlive your car?

Buy Australian Made Carport!



Now why would you buy Australian Made carports when you can find something cheaper?

You may think it’s just about being patriotic and supporting local business… which yes that’s always great BUT there is a much more important reason...

For your Safety!

In Australia we make better quality products using only the finest metals. They are made to meet Australian Standards which are there to protect you and your home.

These carports are designed and approved to handle the toughest climatic conditions. In a country where temperatures range from -23 to 50+ degrees Celsius, you need something that is built to last. You want something that won’t be destroyed in bad weather or crumple in the heat.

See how Carport Kits are made in the video below:

It’s no surprise that Australia is the leading supplier of sheds, garages and carports worldwide. We just make it better than the rest.

No cheap components, no stressful assembly processes...

Everything is done a certain way so you can have a stress free and user-friendly experience.




The range of carports kits available from Cheap Sheds are made by two of the most reputable brands on the planet today with over 20 years experience... Spanbilt and Absco.

Our carport is conveniently shipped to you in a ‘flat pack’ making transportation problems a thing of the past. All the parts you need will be in your kit and it will also be accompanied with step by step instructions, assembling your carport has never been easier.

Assembling the Carport can be done by yourself with someone (or a team of mates) to assist you, or you can hire some local help for the job.




Before heading to the site to check out the ranges you need to consider before buying a carport kit:

  • What size Carport you need- single or double?
  • If you want a flat roof, gable roof or sloping roof?
  • If you want a coloured steel roof or Zinc (Zinc is cheaper, colour is more appealing)?
  • Do you have someone to help with assembly or will you hire a pro?


Skillion (sloping) Roof


Gable Roof


Flat Roof



We have 2 options for Delivering your Carport Kit:

  • Depot delivery service is available to a range of local depots around the country. This can save you some money if you have the capacity to pick up these packages. Look for their dimensions on Product pages to make sure you can arrange pick up. You can read about our shipping arrangements in details here.

  • Home Delivery where we deliver it straight to your door which is convenient with these large buildings. This comes at a fee but can save you a lot of hassle. Check the product pages for a quote for your area.

Why not check out our ranges today and find the RIGHT Carport kit for you!

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