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Brisbane Carports

Protect Your Vehicles with High Quality Australian Made Carports... Delivered Direct to Your Door!

It’s no surprise homes in Australia have more cars than the garage can hold. With kids not moving out until their mid to late twenties, space for all of the vehicles can be a problem.  

But not anymore...


The Carport Kit range available from Cheap Sheds is the ideal solution for any home. As the name suggests, your carport is supplied to you in an ‘easy to assemble’ kit. It’s delivered in a flat pack with simple, easy to follow assembly instructions.

Not only will the Carport Kit solve your vehicle storage problems, but it will also add value to your home. Made from high quality steel, with a 20- 30 year warranty, and available in various shapes and colours, you’re guaranteed to find a carport to suit your home. 


As mentioned previously our carports are pre-engineered kits and most of them are ready to be dispatched within a couple of days of placing your order.

You have 2 options:

Home Delivery

This is there hassle free option because we can arrange for it to be delivered to your door by the freight company. We can quote the delivery fee when you order your carpot.

This is also our recommended option because even though the carport is flat packed it is still a large delivery. 

Depot Delivery

If you don’t want the kit delivered directly to home we also have a depot delivery option which is cheaper. It means we ship your carport to a local depot in Brisbane and you can collect it from there. This service is has a small flat rate and helps you save extra money.

Please note: There are no carports held at the depots. Once you have purchased your carport, it will be manufactured and then sent to the depot. You'll need to purchase the carport online from us (or you can also call us if you wish on 1300 920 219) and we will ship your carport there for your collection after you placed the order.

Council Approval

But before you purchase your carport, you’ll need to check with your local council and find out if you need approval or a permit. Adding a structure or extension to your home often requires council approval.

Click here and check if you need approval with your local council.

The depots are located at different part of the city and you can check them out at on the below maps:

Delivery depot location for Spanbilt and Absco carports

20 Distribution Street, Larapinta QLD 4110

Our Spanbilt carports can also be picked up in Logan at the following location

74 Platinum Street, Crestmead QLD 4132

What Our Customers Say


Built a house 3 years ago and had nowhere to put our cars out of the weather, had a look on eBay and found a double carport that we kept our eye on for over a year. Once we had the money we bought it (great service by cheap sheds). Had a great weekend putting it up with the help of our neighbour and now our cars are safe and protected from the weather, we love our cars and love our carport :)


Lois Goulburn, NSW

Barry Loveland, Vic

Thank u for your fantastic after sales service. Carport arrived in quick time. Hope I can get it erected as fast. Better wait till after Santa has been!

Samantha Taylor, Vic

I have received my carport and delivery was easy and not stressful at all.  We have only started to put it together last weekend and the only thing left to do is the roof (weather hasn't been too kind on the weekends).  Hopefully the roof will go on this weekend.  It has been good watching it go together and I am very pleased with it so far.

I have stressed for some time about the weather and the fact I have a new car and (until recently) no carport.  I searched everywhere for something that would suit my purpose and not cost me a fortune.  Your carports are great and at an excellent cost.  I have been letting everyone know where I purchased it from as they are amazed that it was so cheap seeing it came from Queensland to Melbourne then delivered to my door for nearly half the price of something here.

Your company's support throughout the process has been excellent also.


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