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Bestselling Resin and Vinyl Garden Sheds from Keter, Suncast and Duramax

Resin and Vinyl Garden Sheds are becoming a more and more popular choice for storage solutions here in Australia! Our range here at Cheap Sheds includes top class brands such as Keter, Duramax and Suncast because we only provide our customers the best.

So I am sure you are asking "What is so good about these products?" Well, let me sum it up for you below: 


Of course the sheds are super trendy showing off modern designs and colour combinations, which look good in any home!


Different shapes and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. If you need a small deck box, a wheelie bin or pool pump cover right to the garden sheds and garages, you can get anything in Resin or Vinyl!


Finally, and more importantly, even though resin and vinyl is plastic, it is as durable as steel! The products are built to meet Australian Safety Standards and can endure the local weather. They won’t rust, mold or crack.


Another thing which gets people's attention, especially those who are not keen on building a DIY Steel Shed, is that these products are the easiest sheds to assemble. They pretty much click into place! This is possible thanks to clever engineering and the nature of plastic.


These products are lightweight and easy to move around, if you want change its location unlike other products. This is of course extremely appealing for those who want to take their investment wherever they move or do not wish to pour a concrete slab (all resin and vinyl products provide flooring options).

Now that you know what makes resin and vinyl garden sheds SO popular, below are our,

Top Selling Resin & Vinyl Garden Sheds at Cheap Sheds



Keter Store it Out Max

1.455m x 0.82m x 1.25m

Sloping roof that lifts
Double hinged doors
Colour Shed- Taupe Beige & Expresso Brown

Includes a floor kit!


Keter Optima Wonder Cabinet

0.805m x 0.473m x 1.778m

Double hinged doors
Colour shed- Taupe Beige

Shelves support up to 30kg, Base supports up to 50kg


Keter Factor 8x6 

2.56m x 1.82m

Gable Roof
Double hinged doors
Colour Shed- Taupe/Beige colour combination with wood-look texture

Includes flooring kit, a fixed window and a skylight sheet 


Duramax Store Mate 6x6

1.87m x 1.875m x 2.13m 

Gable Roof
Double hinged doors
Colour Shed- Taupe Beige & Expresso Brown

 Includes flooring kit & a fixed window

Duramax Yardmate 5x3

1.61m x 8.4m 

Gable Roof
Double hinged doors
Colour Shed- Ivory

Includes dark green moulded floor & skylight!




Duramax Duramate 8x6

2.4m x 1.625m x 1.855m

Gable Roof
Double hinged doors
Colour Shed- Ivory

Includes a skylight!


Duramax Shelter Pro 4x3

1185mm x 961mm x 1897mm 

Gable Roof
Single hinged door
Colour Shed- Taupe Beige & Expresso Brown

 Includes flooring kit and a fixed window!


Suncast Resin Wicker Box

1117mm x 680mm x 680mm 

Latching lid door
Rattan design
374 litre capacity 

UV Sun Protection


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