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DIY Aussie Garages at Cheap Sheds

Many Dreams have Been Realised and Memories Created in the Aussie Garage. 

It used to be a place to park your car and store your tools, but how times have changed. Fathers and sons have now made the garage a place where they work together on the car or fix random items around the house.

Below are some garages submitted by Cheap Sheds Customers. John Wallace bought his garage to house his classic cars and protect them from the ocean spray. Rodney's garage on the right is his personal motorbike workshop, where he can work on his bikes without being hassled.

John Wallace – Vintage Cars Shed NSW


Then you’ve got those traditional Aussie blokes who convert their garage into a man cave’. A space for the boy's toys, somewhere to hang out with the mates, or a room filled with their prized possessions and trinkets.

We’ve been around long enough to even see our buildings turn into ‘Goddess Sheds’ or 'She-Sheds'! These are sanctuaries for the ladies who like to expand their homes and have a private room for their friends to meet or to enjoy their hobbies. 

Visit The Goddess Shed

Garage Sanctuary for Women

You’ll find all sorts of things inside Aussie garages such as pool tables, slot machines, couches or throw pillows or even that big TV and sound system. I’ve even seen garages converted into ‘fish displays’ and even small homes!

Visit Nic's Shed Home


Why Choose Australian Made Garages?

But there is one thing that hasn’t changed.... Regardless of all the imported products coming into Australia, the best garages and sheds available today are still made right here in Australia.

It’s the small things that count!

Unlike our competitors we believe every small detail counts when it comes to a great garage.

In the image below you will see that the brackets giving the garage stability in the competitors brand are robbing you of priceless space because of its design.

The bracket runs along the wall panel and then the garage frame fits in next to it- as you can see it just out of the wall. The Spanbilt brand, from one of our top suppliers, has taken this space wastage into consideration and designed the brackets to attach directly to the frame as well as the wall panel for extra strength and increased space.

The Move from Bricks and Mortar to Sturdy Steel 

Times have changed which is why it’s so common now for people to have external garages for their home. It used to be standard practice for a home to have the garage ‘built in’ with bricks and concert to be part of the home. But in this modern day, homes of all shapes and sizes are choosing the ‘cost effective’ and reliable option and adding an external garage to their home. And it’s not just for cars, as some of these garages are used for additional storage and workshop facilities.

All the garages and other products you can find on our website are Australian made and come with up to 20 years warranty. Prices are shockingly low as we are a fully online based retailer and can keep our prices significantly lower than hardware stores and other retailers with display yards.

We have a great delivery system and we can arrange for sheds to be delivered to a large range of depots Australia wide for a very small fee. We also have home delivery options, mostly to major cities. You can check out details on our delivery here.

Please feel free to browse our wide range of Aussie garages and also to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our sheds.

It’s time to have your own Aussie Garage!

So you can start creating memories of your own. 



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