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ACT Shed Council Approval Information


Are you confused whether or not you need council approval or a permit to build a shed? Don't worry a lot of customers have the same concerns. That’s why we are here to help clarify.

Whether you are building a shed, workshop, garage or carport, it is worth taking the time to understand your state and councils guidelines in regards to erecting new buildings (no matter how small).

The GOOD NEWS is that not everyone requires approval or even a permit. A small to medium shed normally requires no paperwork however it's important to check if your structure falls into the exempt from approval category.

In the ACT it is the state whom you will deal with regarding building approvals, unlike other states whom it's the local councils.

This can in fact make it easier for you, as you are dealing with one governing department.

On this page I have provided some information for you, to understand the general rules in ACT and Australia in regards to what to expect and what to do if you need building approval.



If you build a shed, garage, carport etc without approval and you go to sell the property, or have someone complain, you can get into some trouble. If the council finds your building was added without council approval you could face major fines and be forced to remove the building.

So it is very important you consider the rules and regulations in your State before buying a shed.

It's not hard work, or going to cost you anything to check. Even after reading this page we suggest you give them a call to be safe.



Under the ACT state regulations it states that ,

“Small structures- such as some garages, pergolas, decks and new homes in new estates - are exempt from either development and/or building approval, provided they meet certain criteria”

Depending on the size of your block it will determine the size shed you can add to your property without council approval.

Here is an example from the ACT website to give you an idea:

  • if the block size is not more than 500m2, a max plan area of 10m2 applies
  • if the block size is 500m2 to 600m2, a max plan area of 25m2 applies
  • if the block size is 600m2 or more, a max plan area of 50m2 applies



No, unless your building falls under a different Class or the size exceeds guidelines.

Generally, you will need APPROVAL for workshops, garage and carports but you do not need a LICENCE to build them. There are some guidelines you will need to follow,

Ket regulations for your Shed or structure,

  • It is not more than 3m above ground
  • the floor level is not more than 1m above ground
  • the frame does not have an unsupported span of more than 4m
  • the roof (including a sail or sail-like element) is not more than 2

Key regulations for your plans cannot impact,

  • The structural integrity of any other building
  • A fire-rated wall, ceiling or floor
  • Any emergency escapes or exists or similar to
  • Natural light, ventilation or fire protection system

It must comply with Building Code of Australia fire safety requirements, which means it is at least 900 mm away from any other structure on the property



It may be old fashioned but a little neighbourly etiquette can save you time, money and headache.

If you think your building may in any form impact your neighbor's view, light, space etc, have a chat to your them first to let them know what you are planning.

Making sure you keep the peace with your neighbour means a peaceful project and less hassle with getting approval if no one is objecting.



If you do need council approval you will need to check again with your council what it is you will need but here are some items to expect:

  • Detailed site plan
  • Engineer Papers (which we will provide with your shed/workshop/garage)
  • Building Licence for very big buildings for example most of our custom sheds which are more thans 6 x 12 meters.
The information on this page is purely guidance and although we have taken as much action to keep it up to day and clear, you should always check with your Governing body for more details before taking action.


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Access Canberra 13 22 81
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