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Absco Sheds vs Imported Sheds

Click play and prepare to be shocked! This video reveals the things the people at the store won’t tell you …

If you’ve ever thought about buying a shed, you’ll want to watch this short video. I interviewed Kris from Absco Sheds in Queensland. They are one of the biggest shed manufacturers in the world and supply us with some of the best quality products you can find on the market.

In this interview, which is below in text or video, we talk about the major differences between Absco and Imported Sheds... There is some very enlightening and scary information here.

You don’t want to miss this!


Video Transcription

Krisztian: Hi there this is Krisztian here from I’m here at the Absco factory in Brisbane and I’m here for one reason and one reason only. A lot of Australians are getting burnt every single day while purchasing a shed. 

There’s a lot of confusion in the marketplace and imported garden sheds or imported sheds started to appear in the market sometime ago and there’s nothing wrong with the import. I am actually a bit of a fan of the global economy and a lot of protections, by any means, however these products being ordered in the country and distributers don’t make it clear that they are made in China and they are not designed for the tough Australian climatic conditions. 

And they often don’t meet the Australian standards and as you can imagine that’s a bit of a problem because the standards are there for a reason. 

The materials that they are made out of, they are not designed for the Aussie sun, they fade in a few months and then they end up tearing shortly after that, as well. And they are very-very difficult to put together. 

And even if people end up assembling them, they leak all over the place and we just hear about all these sort of similar type of issues. As opposed to that Absco has been manufacturing garden storage for 25-26 years and Absco is famous for its exceptional high quality sheds. They’re all around the world and there’s a huge demand for Absco sheds from North America to all over Europe, New Zealand and of course here in Australia. CheapSheds has been supplying Absco sheds right from the beginning and we supply thousands and thousands of Absco sheds every single year. And the feedback that we are getting from our customers is just absolutely incredible and would recommend Absco highly enough just based on the feedback that we are getting from our customer. I’ve got Kris Ross with me and Kris is the Purchasing Manager here in Absco. He is an absolute champ when it comes to sheds. He’s been with Absco for 15 years now. And he’s the man when it comes to shedcarports or garages. We cannot ask him question that he wouldn’t know the answer to so there is no wonder I asked Kris to help me out today to show you the major differences between imported, let’s say Chinese sheds and one of the Absco products

So Kris, would you be able to show us some differences between the two products. 

Kris: Yes, I’d be more than happy to show the difference between one of their quality products and one of the imported sheds. 

Krisztian: Awesome, let’s get into it. So we just opened the boxes up and put a couple of sheets out here. This is sheet from the imported shed kit and this is an Absco Bluescope Steel sheet and there are obvious differences already Kris. Would you be able just to tell me and everyone what you can see on the sheet? 

Kris: Yeah, the obvious difference is the ripple in the sheet as you can see it’s got a wave. A wave is set, that’s done in the raw forming process. The imported shed uses mild steel whereas our shed we use high tensile Bluescope steel. 

Krisztian: Sure. 

Kris: So when ends gets it through there’s forming flex just goes back to its original form whereas this sheet any flake, as you can see, I just put slight bend on the edge of the sheeting and it creases straight away no matter what you do you can’t get that back to its original form. Where our sheet same again and it flexes straight back, all rigid. Also another way to show how superior our sheet is from the imported sheets is just a pair of normal office scissors and that will cut straight through the sheeting. Try to do that to our sheet… 

Krisztian: No way you can cut that. 

Kris: See, all it’s done is just scratch the paint, has not gone through the sheet at all. 

Krisztian: Nothing… 

Kris: Yeah, these are some of the obvious differences …. 

Krisztian: Sure that makes sense. 

Kris: Okay, another difference, obvious difference with the sheeting is we have the Snap Lock system where the channel snaps into place on the sheets, we use less screw. Whereas the imported sheet as you can see no snap lock system so you have to screw down into every rib. Back to our, channel down’s on, snap into place, no need for screws, it’s locked on, you cannot pull that channel off. It’s all there firm. So less screws. 

Krisztian: Obviously makes the whole shed stronger as well, right? 

Kris: That’s right. Yeah and less amount of time to put it all together. Customers save time. No need to provide drill bits or drill, snaps it firm. 

Krisztian: Awesome. 

Kris: Okay another difference with our shed is the roof system that we use. Our ridge cap, where the ridge slides into is full length ridge cap supplied by our factory, doesn’t comes in parts, neither screwed together whereas the imported shed, the ridge cap system comes in three very flimsy pieces. They have to be joined together, they all have to be screwed down at different points and when that’s done the whole thing is flipped over and more pieces have to be screwed on to that ridge cap. A lot more time wasting, a lot more parts you have to line up to get that roof to slide in so you can screw that down on top of the shed. 

Krisztian: My obvious question is having the ridge beam joined like that does it causing any leakage issues? 

Kris: In time, yeah. It is very hard to located everything lined up perfectly and also things that are flimsy there’s a little bit of flex in the roof so if that ridge cap is slightly raised a little bit you can get wind, rain that just blows right inside there and it starts the leak through the roof. Whereas ours is afull length ridge cap. 

Krisztian: So Kris, just the top of your head any other differences that Cheap Sheds Customers should know? 

Kris: Yeah, we can supply our sheds up in north Queensland. We have the cyclonic upgrade kit so any of our sheds can be sold in North Bundaberg where the imported shed they have no cyclone rate or cyclonic upgrade kit so any of these can’t be sold in North Bundaberg. That’s a special feature our customers up north of Queensland can get. 

Krisztian: And your products are standard, most of them except for the Highlander and W41. Would it be same for the imported sheds or they don’t really have any … 

Kris: Absolutely nothing 

Krisztian: No wind breaking, not tested, nothing like that… 

Kris: No 

Krisztian: As you can see there are obvious differences between Chinese imported sheds and high quality Australian made sheds. Hoping that would help a lot of people out and clear up the confusion. Thank you. 

Kris: Thank you. 

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