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Absco Regent Shed Product Video


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Absco Regent Shed Product Video Transcript


In this video you will discover why the Absco Regent sheds are great garden sheds for your backyard.


The Absco Regent sheds are fantastic for any Australian family looking for some extra storage. It is made of quality, low maintenance steel sheeting for maximum strength and has also been engineered by local manufacturers to endure all weather conditions in Australia.

So you can certainly rest assure that the Regent shed will not only last a lifetime but also protect your valuables.

The attractive gable roof gives it extra height, which is great for taller people and allows you to move around inside the shed freely.

The doors are fixed to the gable side of the shed and has a slight overhang, which not only adds to its overall appearance but also ensures water runs off is to the sides.

The Regent sheds wall height is 1.8 meters and the gable roof height will vary depending on the type of shed you choose. The gable heights can range from, 1.95m, 2m and 2.06m giving you extra head room inside the shed.

One of the best features of the Regent range is that they are available in 7 different sizes and in 5 different colours including Zincalume. If you do choose a colour steel model you will be happy to know what they also come with white trims which gives the shed a little more detail.

Now to ensure easy access the door is hinged and is 0.75m or 1.5m wide depending on the model.

As mentioned before it has been engineered to withstand the toughest weather conditions including winds up to 147km/hr. You can even upgrade the Regent models with a W50 cyclone kit, which can endure even higher winds. 

You can choose to upgrade your shed with a wide range of accessories we have available in our store such as shelves, skylights and windows and remember the more organised you are the better use you will get out of your Regent.

Lastly assembling this shed is really easy.

Like most Absco structures it is designed with the SNAP-TiTE system that means the parts literally snap into place and lock down. You will need minimal tools or experience to get this shed up. But don’t let the ease of assembly fool you, this shed is guaranteed to protect your belongings and strong enough to keep them safe from bad weather. But to give you peace of mind it does come with 20 years written warranty.

So if you are in the market for a great Aussie made shed to add to your property, we recommend you consider the Regent sheds for a larger and suitable garden shed for your backyard.

(NOTE: W50 cyclone kit upgrade is no longer available with Regent sheds)

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