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Absco Ezislider Slimline Garden Shed

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Absco Ezislider Slimline Garden Shed


In this video you will be introduced to one of the slimmer models of sheds on the market, the Ezislider by Absco.


The Ezislider Garden Shed is a great solution for homes where space is limited. This smart design with sliding doors gives amazing accessibility and allows this shed to fit under eaves, in narrow spaces and often found along the house between the wall and the fence. And perhaps you just don’t want to sacrifce preciouse floor space with a bulky shed!

The Ezislider is fantastic because even though it looks small and slim it is still large enough to store tools, gardening or sporting equipment leaving the area outside neat and tidy.

This storage shed is available in one size (3m x 0.78m), but comes in a few different colours. You can choose either a standard Zinc shed or Pale Eucalypt or Classic Cream.

It has a skillion roof, which slopes towards the front. This is to drain the rain away from the wall in case it’s placed against a house.

For permanent secure installation it is recommended to use anchors. These will be used to secure the wall panels to the concrete slab and you will need 8 anchors.

This shed will come in a flat pack, which is made up of 2 cartons. This makes it easier to transport.

Assembly is easy with the revolutionary Snap-Tite system. The pannels and parts literally snap together like leggo. But don’t let this concern you, this product is produced by one of the best manufacturers in the Australian Market, Absco. And it's been specifcially tried and tested agaisnt the harsh Australian weather to make sure it lasts a lifetime.

But just to give you further peace of mind this product comes with 20 year written warranty

So if you are in need of an excellent small storage solution for under eaves or a narrow space, then the Ezslider may be the right fit for you.


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