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About Us

Cheap Sheds is the largest Online Storage Solution Provider in Australia!

We offer top quality but affordable DIY storage solutions for all backyards. However, Cheap Sheds is not just an Online Retailer. We are problem solvers and have been helping Australians find quality storage solutions for over 8 years.

We are dedicated to supplying you, our customers with the highest quality products and award winning customer service.

To help you understand why we can be trusted, and what to expect when you shop with us, we have outlined 4 core values below (our products, service, customers and our giving).

Our Quality Products

As promised, we guarantee to sell the best of the best. Our Steel and Timber products are Australian made and engineered, and our Resin products are imported from the U.S.A and Israel, which rank top in the world for manufacturing these products.

Our storage buildings are DIY and are designed to be assembled at home by the customer or a handyman. They are engineered with easy assembly systems. And just like any DIY kit, you may choose to commit to it as a personal project with enthusiasm OR alternatively..... sit back, relax and hire your local handyman to get the job done for you.


Our Award Winning Service

We love helping our fellow Australians find the right product for their needs. So if in doubt, or not sure where to start? Send us a message and our award winning Customer Team can help!

We were voted as The Most Trusted Online Retailers in Australia in 2015 by our customers, in The Trust Awards.

Since day one we have built Cheap Sheds based on TRUST.

Our customers trust that they are getting the best service and products from us, and we will deliver what we promise.

Nothing is perfect, sometimes we experience some hiccups along the road. Delivering steel buildings all around the country is not an easy job but we always do our best to make it as seamless as possible. And if things are not smooth, we jump in to resolve the problems asap.

We have made customers our number one core value, and improving their experience comes first and beyond anything else.



Our Stars...The Customers

We have helped people like Anna from Perth, Scott Price from Victoria, John and Ricky’s Family find their sheds!

Over 100 customer stories revealing how they transformed their yards and lives with Cheap Sheds. Be inspired by unique and clever ideas

Please feel free to check out our reviews or visit our Customer Centre.



Our Gift of GivingFind out more about how we have helped people around the world here

Finally, it is important you know HOW your purchase can impact the world when you shop at Cheap Sheds.

We don’t only help customers solve storage nightmares, but through our business, we are able to help people around the world.

With every transaction made on our site, we donate to Buy1GIVE1 Foundation ( 

We are the first retailer in this industry who implemented transaction-based giving. And since then, this has influenced other online businesses to get involved.

B1G1 supports many charities around the world making a difference on many levels. From planting trees, providing clean drinking water, warm clothes, medical treatment and education for struggling communities around the world.

After many years of working with them, we know our donations is making a real difference to someone's future.

Every time you purchase a product from us, we make a donation!

Why would you shop anywhere else, when you are getting the best prices guaranteed and the gift of making a difference in someone’s life? How cool is that?

The best news is, you are not paying any extra to be able to GIVE!

So shop with Cheap Sheds and help us make a difference!

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