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Storemate 53 1.76m x 1.07m x 1.265m Storage Unit Colour

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Storemate 53 1.76m x 1.07m x 1.265m Storage Unit Colour

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Product Review (submitted on 2 March 2018):
I am a very happy owner of a recently supplied Slate Grey Storemate S53 from CheapSheds which I installed to accommodate an existing pool filter and pump arrangement. I think the design and manufacture of the unit is brilliant and I congratulate Spanbild who were responsible for its creation. I had looked at other units and found the S53 to be better designed and made. My installation was made somewhat complicated by its location which is approximately 300 mm away from the rear fence.

I realise that every install has its peculiarities and you have to be flexible at times and make decisions on the spot that are practical. I am 64 and not adverse to doing DIY jobs around the house and this was my first shed construction. I love the S53 Storemate and would not hesitate to recommend it and CheapSheds who are very customer service focused to others. Their attention to detail in communications ( Michelle and Chai) with the customer at all stages of the acquisition and after sales service was very impressive - Chai had no hestitation in getting involved to sort out some anomalies for me.

Spanbild need to seriously edit their Assembly Instructions – the version shipped with my unit was Revision 10/09/15 - as I came across many time consuming mistakes in that publication. I have sent Spanbild an email notifying them of these for consideration for furure editing.

I was fortunate that my pool equipment could be housed within the 1070 mm depth – Spanbild may wish to consider offering a 1200 mm model to allow greater flexibility even if it includes a centre channel for the sides. My installation has a 20 mm front and back clearance from pipes and filter, so I was lucky. Originally I thought I may have had to extend the back by adding a wooden rear wall. I didn’t think the installation was “Quick & Easy” per the coversheet – I took two days in very Brisbane hot weather and I was fortunate to have the assistance of my son for Day 1.

Big thanks to Cheapsheds - I found the online videos on YouTube very educational and informative. This is a well managed company. No hestitancy in recommending to others.

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