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Slimline Storage Sheds

It’s a commonly known fact... Aussie’s have more possessions than storage space at home. Our cupboards are bursting, our backyards are untidy and our garages are cluttered with items making it difficult to move around.

There is a way to solve this problem though, without making your home feel more cluttered.

Slimline storage sheds are fast gaining popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Although traditionally smaller, their design allows you to fit quite a lot of items inside. They can be placed anywhere around the home.

You can put your shed under the eaves of your roof so as not to restrict access around the home. The range of slimline storage sheds here at Cheap Sheds are just what every home needs.

Affordable, High Quality, Stylish and Easy to Assemble

The length of some of these sheds is up to 3.75m while the depth starts at 0.75m. Such units are ideal to fit in beside the house on narrow blocks that are so common these days. 

But before you buy your slimline shed, here are some things you need to consider.



Determine what you’d actually like to put inside the shed. Once you know this you’ll be able to decide on the right size shed. Then you just need to check the desired location to make sure it’s suitable for the shed. 


Roof type:

If your new shed is placed against a wall, your house or a fence, you might want a sloping (skillion) roof so the rain is drained away from the wall that your shed is against. 


Door type:

If you have a narrow space it may not leave you enough space to open a hinged door. In this case you'd be best to consider a model with sliding doors.


Back wall:

If you place your shed right against a wall (the wall of your home for example), then you may or may not need a back wall for your shed. These days we have models available that are specifically designed and made for this purpose so if you don’t need a rear wall, you can purchase a slimline shed without a back wall to save money and even some time on assembly.


Check out how Cheap Sheds customer, Andrew Nemeth uses one of our slimline storage sheds for his backyard beside his house: 


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