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    Melbourne... the home of culture in Australia. Well that’s the answer you’d get from a local who spends their weekends at cafes, the theatre and fancy restaurants. 

    But Melbourne is just like any other place in Australia... It has homes that need extra storage space. And being Australia’s largest online provider of storage solutions, we know this better than anyone. So whether you’ve got a townhouse with a small paved courtyard or a large home with room to play... 

    Cheap Sheds has a storage solution for you...

    But before you rush off and pick a shed to buy, there are some things you need to know.


    Big or Small? 

    With all the options to choose from, it’s important you answer the following questions so you end up with the right shed.

         1.  Is the shed for storage or working in?
         2.  Will it need to be small or big?
         3.  How much yard space will you need?
         4.  Does it need extra doors or windows?


    Once you’ve answered these questions, your list of possible choices will be narrowed down. The next thing you need to consider when buying your shed is the weather.


    Melbourne Weather 

    Having a shed in Australia means it needs to be tough, to not buckle under the harsh sun nor have the paint fade. Luckily for you, sheds available at Cheap Sheds are made in Australia using the highest quality metals. 

    Not only this but if you choose a coloured shed, you can rest easy knowing the paint won’t fade in the harsh Australian sun. 

    As Melbourne is located on the boundary of very hot inland areas and the cold southern ocean, it experiences quite changeable weather conditions. It’s not uncommon to experience large storms, heat waves and also freezing temperatures. 

    In a climate like this, your shed will need to be as structurally strong as possible. It’s recommended that if you’re in an area in Melbourne which is exposed to storms and high winds that your shed be anchored down to the floor it is sitting on. 

    So when selecting your shed online here, be sure you add anchor kits, or choose a kit that already includes the anchors, such as the Cheap Sheds range or the YardSaver range.

    Once you’ve determined which shed is best for you, the next step is to check with your local council as to whether you need approval or permit


    What will the Council say? 

    Before adding any structure to your home or yard, you must first seek council approval. It’s quite common for people to make additions to their home, only to find a council inspector knocking on the door weeks later and fining them. 

    So don’t risk it, check with your local council first. Click here for more details about permits.

    Now you know what shed you want, you’ve checked with the council, now all you need is to decide where you want our shed delivered.



    You’ve got two options when it comes to the delivery of your shed. You can, 

    a)      Have the shed delivered directly to your home for a small additional charge. It will be delivered in a ‘flat pack’.

    b)      Alternatively you can have your shed delivered to the depot located at 1657 Centre Rd, Clayton, Vic 3168, and any of our Absco, Durabuilt, Spanbilt  and Stilla sheds can also be delivered to 10 Stubb Street, Somerton, VIC 3062.

    This is a free service and the depot will call you once your shed has arrived. You then just have to pick it up.

    1657 Centre Rd, Clayton VIC 3168

    10 Stubb Street, Somerton, VIC 3062

    It’s no wonder more Australians are buying from Cheap Sheds every week. We make it easy for you with a large range of affordable and high quality storage solutions. 

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