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Cheap Sheds in the Media

Cheap Sheds Pty Ltd has frequently featured in the Media around Australia. Sometimes it’s our customers who make the newspaper and at others it’s the Government doing a case study on the companies success. See below for all the latest media clippings and recordings.

13 August 2015 logo

Cold calling is out, education and support are IN. Cheap Sheds Founder, Krisztian Panczel, talks to Journalist Kate Jones about the best way to serve customers based on his experience and his team's unique approach to online customer service. Read more...

8 July

Domain journalist, Sally, announced it was time to "Forget man caves" and make way for the rise of the 'She Shed'. This has been a growing trend in Australia, women seeking out their own spaces and sheds to call their own and Cheap Sheds is always ready to help all our customers make their backyard dreams become a reality so we shared some of our expert advice in this article found on the SMH.COM, published on Domain. Read more...

12 March

In those early days at Cheap Sheds, Krisztian and Maria selected a few B1G1 causes that really resonated with them. They planted trees and provided clean drinking water for children in India with each product they sold. “Since then our giving activity has evolved,” Maria said,". Read more...

2 July

The owners of Cheap Sheds chose to be a paperless business to help the environment, a cause close to their hearts, not knowing it would boost their reputation, cut costs and encourage other small business to also go paperless. Krisztian Panczel, company owner and MilanDirect owner share their advice on cutting costs with small business owners in the Sydney Morning Herald, "Five tips to slash costs in the new financial year". Read more...

24 June

Going paperless is a move some companies are working towards and others have already achieved like Cheap Sheds. We have been committed to being a paperless company since day one and are driven to do our bit for the environment. Journalist, Nina Hendy wrote an article on, "A paperless World" and interviewed Krisztian Panczel about Cheap Sheds mission. Read more...

05 April

Cheap Sheds has been taking the country by storm and has become the only logical choice when it comes to buying DIY sheds, garages and other storage solutions. Their popularity has taken off due to their quality products, great prices and unique and interactive customer service. PayPal, the largest online transaction company spoke to Krisztian Panczel, co-founder and managing director of Cheap Sheds to find out exactly how the company has achieved such great success. Read more...

20 December


At the end of 2012 the Australian Federal Government release a study revealing Cheap Sheds success story from the roots of its beginning to what the company aims to achieve globally. Read more...

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04 December
Customer Peter Braken spoke out the his local newspaper about the love he has for his Cheap Sheds Aviary as it provides much more than just a home for his birds. Read this article to see Peters story and how our products go beyond their purpose. Read more...
30 November
Radio station at Moreton bay got hold The Newspaper article about Mark Valencia’s ‘Chooky hotel’ built from a Cheap Shed and interviewed him live on air.
28 November
Mark Valencia, proud Cheap Shed customer told his local newspaper how he had turned his shed into a chook haven. His love for his chooks is evident in the newspaper article they released. Read more...
28 November
Gavin Wadsworth entered our 2012 Shed Contest and The Advertiser ran his story in the paper to rally him support and show cased a well built Cheap Shed. Read more...
04 June

Cheap Sheds founder, Krisztian Panczel was interviewed on 91.1 Hot FM on the Real Estate Morning segments about the funky ways people use their sheds. 

26 May
The Valley times in NSW met up withDaphne Pothin from Canterbury who is a proud owner of a Cheap Shed, whichwas dubbed the ‘Adventure Shed’. Read more...
24 May
Couple from Riverview Queensland entered the 2011 Shed Contest andThe Queensland Times ran a story regarding their unique idea of converting their Garden Shed into a tennis court for the kids! Read more...
20 May
One of our customers from the Sunshine Coast QLD, Olivia Palmer, was interviewed about her idea for de-cluttering her home and saving her outdoor furniture from the harsh weather conditions. Read more...
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