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    How to Choose a Carport

    Need a place to park your car? A place where it’s protected from the elements and sometimes harsh climate? 

    The Cheap Sheds range of Carports is the best quality available on the market today. As these products are made right here in Australia by Spanbilt and Absco, you can be assured they are built to last. 

    As you’ll see below, choosing your carport has never been easier.


    Step 1 – Getting the size right 

    You need to determine the size of carport you need. The easiest way to do this is by finding out the dimensions of your vehicle/s. You may need a single or double carport. Regardless of this, once you know the vehicle dimensions you’ll be able to find the right size carport that offers the best protection.   Getting the size right

    Step 2 -What style of roof do you want? 

    You’ve got 3 different options when it comes to picking a style of roof. At the end of the day it’s more about personal preference and aesthetics. The different options are,

    Skillion – This is a roof design, which is high on one side and low on the other i.e. it has a sloping effect. This slope aids water run off and may provide the dimensions you need to house your larger car or truck.


    Gable – A Gable roof has a high point in the centre with the roof sloping away in opposite directions... Kind of like the ‘church steeple’.This style gives a carport a very elegant feature and that extra bit of space always goes a long way.


    Flat – As the name suggests, this roof is entirely flat. This would be ideal if you don’t want the carport to overwhelm the home and will give the impression it is part of the home as there is a continuous flow from carport to roof.



    **All roof designs come with gutters and downpipes**

    So now you’ve picked the size carport, and you decided on the style of roof. Now we come to,  

    Step 3 – Choosing the right colour  

    As the carports and roofs are made from steel, you have the options of choosing the plain ‘zinc’ look or a colour finish.


    NOTE: If you live close to an airport, council regulations may state that you cannot have a zinc roof due to the light reflecting off it, which may disrupt local air traffic, so it’s worth checking out. If this is the case, don’t worry as there are many great colours to choose from on our site.


    Now you know how to select the right carport. You can check out our single and double carports here:

    Checkout this video below where I interviewed Kevin from Spanbilt. He was kind enough to take us through the factory and show us where the sheds, garages and carports come from. It’s a very cool and informative video...




    Don’t forget all Absco and Spanbilt Carports come with up to 20 year warranty. They are all Australian made and can be shipped to all major cities and regional centres of Australia. 

    Free depot delivery service is available to a range of local depots around the country as well. You can read about our shipping arrangements in details here

    Click on your local area link below to find out about,

    •     Your local council regulations and info such as wind ratings, approvals process etc
    •     Delivery options and local depots
    •     Plus other handy information

    Checkout what some of our happy customers have to say about the carports they purchased from cheap sheds.



    Thank u for your fantastic after sales service. Carport arrived in quick time. Hope I can get it erected as fast. Better wait till after Santa has been!

    Regards, Barry Loveland Traralgon, Vic


    I have received my carport and delivery was easy and not stressful at all.  We have only started to put it together last weekend and the only thing left to do is the roof (weather hasn't been too kind on the weekends).  Hopefully the roof will go on this weekend.  It has been good watching it go together and I am very pleased with it so far.
    I have stressed for some time about the weather and the fact I have a new car and (until recently) no carport.  I searched everywhere for something that would suit my purpose and not cost me a fortune.  Your carports are great and at an excellent cost.  I have been letting everyone know where I purchased it from as they are amazed that it was so cheap seeing it came from Queensland to Melbourne then delivered to my door for nearly half the price of something here.
    Your company's support throughout the process has been excellent also.

    Regards, Samantha Taylor, Bacchus Marsh, Vic

    Hi I have received my carport thank you once again thanks a bunch.
    Regards, Warren Nott, Bathurst, NSW

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