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Why You Should Choose Cheap Sheds?


Hi, my name is Krisztian Panczel. I'm the director of Cheap Sheds International Pty Ltd.

I am a horticultural scientist by trade and spent my career in the field of horticulture and landscape construction.

My staff and I are dedicated to offering our customers only high-quality products at the lowest prices possible. Plus, we go the extra mile to offer exceptional customer service (you can see for yourself on this website what our customers say about us on our testimonial page.

Our products come from only the best manufacturers to ensure exceptional product quality. All of our products are Australian made, and come with a written warranty of up to 20 years.

Our Service is at the forefront of our business model as we are 100% focused on giving you an enjoyable and hassle free shopping experience. 

We have been endorsed by the Australian Government for our customer team and have featured by many business show casing our dedication to our customers, you can read more on our Media page

We have also been recognised and received awards for our commitment to our customers by various associations you can read more on our Awards page. 

BOMAAustralian Anthill Cool Company Awards

Our mission is to provide valued customers with an outstanding shopping experience. My staff and I not only offer the best quality products at the lowest prices but also share the joy of giving with You. Let me explain... 

When you buy a product from us, you will be supporting others in countries around the world that lack the much-needed essentials for healthy development, for example providing a child in India clean drinking water for 30 days.

You see… many schools in India do not have drinking water facility at all. Even those do have, they cannot guaranty the safety of the water. There are also many countries that do not have medical aid, schooling, food or the small things such as clean clothes and toothbrushes.

To help make a difference for these people, Cheap Sheds is working in collaboration with Buy1GIVE1 and we are the first in the industry to establish "transaction based giving". That means every time a customer buys one of my outdoor structures (like sheds or garages), I'll make a contribution to provide safe and clean drinking water facility to a child in India for 30 days. To read more about our giving please visit Save the World 

Imagine how great it would be if you could help make a difference with every item you purchase. Yet it would not even cost you a cent! 

You can make a difference just by shopping with us. Why would you shop anywhere else? You are getting the cheapest prices guaranteed and also making a positive difference in someone’s life. How cool is that? 

My Mission. I truly value every single one of our current and future customers. Because you make my business and with your support I am able to achieve my goal of paying the success forward by helping others in need. 

So if you have any suggestions regarding anything about my business, my website or anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. Simply click here. I'll read every comment, good or bad, and reply every enquiry. 

I look forward hearing from you.

Krisztian Panczel
Founder and Director
Cheap Sheds
(ABN: 39610600103).

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